ceindreadh (ceindreadh) wrote,

Books, books and more books

Ever since I can remember, I've been a voracious reader.

When we were younger, my 2 siblings and I had library tickets. When they lost interest, I ended up taking out books on their cards as well as my own.
Going on holidays (even now), one of my priorities in packing is making sure I'll have enough books to read for the duration.
My first port of call on trips to the city was always the book shops, mainly second hand out of necessity.
I still insist that it was pure luck that made me take a job within lunchtime walking distance of five bookshops.
Sometimes I think I should just have my salary paid directly to the bookshops, it'd save time.
What I love most though is the bargain basement sections. It's where I can experiment, buy books that I've never heard of, by authors that I don't know, and if I don't like them, well, I haven't wasted too much on them.

I will read...pretty much anything I can get my hands on.
Todays purchases inclued

The forgotten garden - Kate Morton - had the magic words 'half price' on it! Plus the blurb on the back seemed interesting.
The collected tales of Nurse Matilda - Christianna Brand - because I loved Nanny McPhee
Party shoes - Noel Streatfeild - because I love the 'shoes' books and this is one I haven't come across before
The Simpsons, one step beyond forever, episode guide to S13 & 14 - Love the simpsons, didn't realize this book was out until I saw it in the bargain basement
My best friend's girl - Dorothy Koomson - I read a previous book of hers solely because her heroine had the same name as my real one (trust me, it's a rare occurance)
Girls of Riyadh - Rajaa Alsanea - walking through the bookshop and the cover caught my eye.
Warrior Lovers (erotic fiction, evolution and female sexuality) - Catherine Salmon & Donald Symons - part of the Darwinism Today series, an 'authoritative pocket introduction to the Darwinian ideas that are setting today's intellectual agenda'
101 Experiments in the Philosphy of Everyday Life - Roger-Pol Droit
The dirty bits for girls - edited by India Knight - pretty much what it says on the title
The Bone Yard - Paul Johnston - near future crime fiction, although I only picked it up because it's the same title as an episode of NCIS!
Vintage Nell The McCafferty Reader - a collection of Nell McCafferty's writings

A fairly eclectic selection. I really need to work through my backlog first before I buy any more new ones. Either that or find a bigger apartment!

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