ceindreadh (ceindreadh) wrote,

So yesterday was the June bank holiday, and as has been my habit for the last 7 years, I - and 40,000 other women - took part in the Women's mini marathon.
My charity was the Share a Dream foundation.
A most worthy cause I feel.

Took me just over 2 hours from start to finish line. Of course it took about 25 minutes just to get to the start line! And I would have finished sooner, only my sister needed a five minute break about halfway through the course. (conveniently she needed her break right outside Tesco's, so we stocked up on a few ice creams to give us the sugar boost needed to get past Nuttley lane!)

But it was a good - if hot! - day. Although I was feeling it this morning! And then of course I had a chiropractors consult this evening as well, so my joints are feeling a little the worse for wear!

Ah it's all good, and maybe next year if I lose a few more pounds I'll maybe train up and try jogging it, or half of it, or maybe jog just far enough to get out of the crowd, or something.

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