ceindreadh (ceindreadh) wrote,

what a week

Well it's been a fun filled week...not!

Started off on a bad note. I was locking my front door on the way out Monday morning, just bit my teeth together, and a chunk of one of my front teeth fell out into my mouth.
Normally this - while not good - wouldn't be a disaster, because my dentist's office is on my route to work, so I could have just called in on the way.
But this wasn't a normal Monday, this was day one of my Jury duty service and I had to head straight there.

So I have the chunk of tooth in my mouth because I'm rushing for the DART and don't have time to find a container for it. It's not until I'm sitting in the carriage that I'm able to collect myself a bit and rummage for a container. As luck would have it I had an almost empty container of Tyrosets, so I fired them in a pocket of my backpack, spat the tooth in the empty container, and then added some more spit so it wouldn't dry out (lesson for the day, fallen out bits of tooth should be covered in either milk or saliva, but not water, if you want a chance of reattaching them)
Got a few funny looks, but I've had worse!

So I get to the courthouse on time, start offloading my coat/bags etc for the metal detector. Handbag strap gets tangled in scarf, Ceindreadh gets flustered, pulls on strap, and manages to smack herself in the eye with the handbag. So, missing one tooth and with what could make for a black eye, nice way to start my civic duty!

So I'm there in the waiting area and hoping my name won't get called out - if you're not called by 12/12.30 then you're free for the afternoon. I lucked out and not only was I not called, but when I phoned my dentist I was able to book in for first thing that afternoon.
So I'm now walking round with a temporary tooth - should have seen the look of shock on the dentist's face when I opened my mouth! He was probably wondering why I wasn't screaming in agony, but it turns out he'd already removed the nerve from that tooth after a previous chipping incident. Temporary tooth looks a lot shinier than the rest of my teeth, but it's only until Tuesday when I'm booked in for a cap or crown or something expensive like that.

Hopefully I'll be able to get it all sorted quickly. The bosses are taking me out to dinner to celebrate 10 years on the job - technically it'll be 10.5 years by the time they've actually gotten round to it. And since I'm very wary of biting anything while I've got the temp tooth, I'd really like to have the cap/crown finished before then.

The jury duty was a complete waste of time. Stuck in the waiting room for 2 to 3 hours each morning Monday to Thursday and my name didn't get picked once. Ah well, I don't think they can call me for another few years

And how was your week?

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