ceindreadh (ceindreadh) wrote,

Year meme 1997

Wyvernfriend assigned me the year 1997 to write about for a meme that's going round where you write about things that happened to you in a particular year.
She picked a good one for me as a lot of memorable stuff happened.

1997...it was the year a lot of things changed.
I started out the year working as a trainee accountant.
Living at home with my parents.
Studying for exams.
Watching a lot of TV - okay, not everything changes!
I failed my exams and realized I'd need to attend lectures instead of doing home study courses.
I applied for several jobs, had five interviews and was offered 3 jobs out of them.
Took one of the jobs and moved out of my parents house.
Slept on a friend's floor because I couldn't find anywhere I was able to afford on a trainee's salary.
This was the year that my mother was diagnosed with cancer for the 3rd time - this time it was terminal. Her diagnosis came soon after I'd started the whole round of interviews and...it was a difficult decision for me as to whether I should indeed take the job in the city. In the end I think it was the right thing to do, although the timing could have been better.

In other news, I passed my driving test on the third time of trying.
I was received into the Methodist Church (actually I can't remember was this 97 or 96, but I'm almost certain it was 97)
Became an auntie for the 2nd time. My first nephew was born exactly a week after I'd started my new job.
Applied to appear on a TV quiz show (15 to 1) and had a (successful) audition for it.
Got my first credit card (not necessarily a good move on my part!)
Didn't have a computer, an email address, a mobile phone.
Ended the year as a trainee accountant but for a different firm. (still with them)

Rating for the year. Overall it was good, it set me on course for a lot of things which made significant differences to the route my life was taking.


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