ceindreadh (ceindreadh) wrote,

Drawing classes

I've always enjoyed drawing.
When I was in school, I studied Art for the Inter Cert. (and no, it wasn't just because that was the only subject that didn't have any books on the booklist!)
But I enjoyed doing it and would have studied it for the Leaving Cert as well. Unfortunately on the timetable in our school, Art clashed with Physics, and since I was planning on doing Science in University, I figured Physics would be more useful.

But I always told myself that I'd maybe do night classes in it when I got settled. (only took me 20 years, but who's counting!)

So I signed up for Drawing classes last September. Not a night class, just 3 Saturday's over the course of the year. First one in October was fun, even got given homework. Naturally of course, it's 2 weeks to go to the next class and only now that I've gotten my act together, doh!

Behind the cut are some of my efforts

(this is the model for the previous pic)


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