ceindreadh (ceindreadh) wrote,


Picture the scene...

Friday morning, Ceindreadh is hurrying up the last few steps to her office, somewhat relieved that she's only a few minutes late. Quietly lets herself into the office so nobody will hear her, and is just pushing open the door to her own room and switching on the light when..."SURPRIZE!!!!"

All the other office staff (okay, the ones that were working on Friday) are standing there, there's balloons and party poppers all over the place, and Ceindreadh is nearly having a heart attack from the shock.
Turns out they'd remembered that it's exactly 10 years since I started work there. Okay, techically they were a day early, but nobody was going to show on a Saturday!

And there was champagne as well, but not until the afternoon because they wanted at least some work done that day, heehee!

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