ceindreadh (ceindreadh) wrote,

The continuing saga of Ceindreadh and her car

Well the good news is that I got the exhaust thingy sorted out at Kwik-Fit on Saturday. No fuss, just drove the car in, waited about 20 minutes (while reading National Geographic) forked out 90euro and drove it away. I'm a little bit annoyed though. The mechanic showed me the exhaust before he changed it and there was a hole a good 10cm long in the big oblong thingy near the outlet pipe. And what's annoying me is that the guy that I had give it the once over just after Christmas didn't spot it. Granted, he probably wouldn't have had the parts to fix it there and then, but at least I'd have been able to get it sorted before the test.

The bad news is that that branch of Kwik-fit doesn't have the equipment necessary to align my headlights, but they were able to give me the number of a local mechanic that would be able to do it. Unfortunately he was closed for the weekend so I'll have to wait until Tuesday morning to get it sorted.

In unrelated news, I'm slowly working my way through the pile of DVD's I've been buying.
This weekend I finished adventure 1 of Sapphire and Steel (mmm, David McCallum...mmmm) and also watched Halloween II (only 9.99 in HMV, it was practically *begging* me to buy it!)

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