ceindreadh (ceindreadh) wrote,

From Miss to Ma'am

I decided to treat myself to elevenses today before going shopping.
Had myself a very nice snack of 'American pancakes with bacon and maple syrup', not a combination I'd have ever thought of myself, but I figured I'd try something new - note to self, definitely something to be repeated!

So I'm there and reading a newspaper and drinking my latte and I've finished the pancakes so the waitress comes along and asks "Are you finished with your plate Ma'am?"
And I'm saying yes, but inside I'm thinking, wait a minute, when did I become a 'Ma'am'? It used to be that people would call me 'Miss' (and even that makes me feel way more grown up than I like to be thought of). But 'Ma'am', that's for older women, certainly older than me...right?

It's not like um, mid-thirties is old, right? But when do you cross the line from being a Miss to a Ma'am?
It's sort of unsettling. I mean, okay, I don't even feel comfortable being addressed as 'Miss last name', but it's better than Ma'am.

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