ceindreadh (ceindreadh) wrote,

(if it's a new post to Ceindreadh's livejournal, she must be complaining about *something*!!!)

and this is no exception.

Today it's Eircom that is feeling my wrath!!!!
I've had eircom email addresses for years, since I first went online.
Normally they've worked pretty well for me.
Except for recently, practically every day there's been a few hours when I get a 'The operation timed out - no response was received from the server' error message from Mailwasher.

Outgoing mail is fine, because I'm using a mail server from my (non-Eircom) ISP, and when I contacted *them* for help, they were only able to tell me to check my incoming mail server settings. Except that nothing on them had changed since I'd set them up on this machine last year. And of course if I went to contact Eircom on their premium rate help line, I know they'd tell me to call my ISP, grrrr.

I really don't want the hassle of setting up new email addys and resubscribing to all my mailing lists, grrrr.
Anybody else been having similar issues?

And on a lighter note (see, it's *not* always complaints!)
I've *almost* passed my NCT. The only remaining issues are visual defects, i.e. ones that can be checked without using machinery so I won't have to pay for a retest.
(although I still can't believe they failed me because my boot was too full of newspapers for them to check...something?)

ah well, a bit of superglue, a quick trip to the recycling depot, and everything should be fine (fingers crossed)

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