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Cars and garages and NCT's, oh my

Every 2 years, the NCT is the bane of my existance.
I understand the reasoning behind having it. I mean, forcing car owners to get their car checked out every 2 years is a good idea, I understand that. And if the car is roadworthy then it's good to have that verified - makes it a lot safer to buy used cars if you can be guaranteed they've been checked recently.

What I hate is when they find a problem and you have to get it fixed by a garage, because then you have all the hassle of finding a local garage that will sort out your car and hopefully won't charge you through the nose for fixing it.

Of course what really gets my goat is when you find a garage, fork out the cash for repairs, bring the car back for a retest...and then find that the original failure point is still there.

Let's just say that first thing Monday morning, my car and I will be sitting on the doorstep of said garage demanding an explanation. And while I'm waiting for one, I shall be mentally making a list of all the solicitors who get accounts done by the firm I work for and who might just owe me a few favours.

(in the meantime, since I can't do anything until Monday, anybody got a voodoo dolly they're not using? )

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