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Broadband and ISP's and other idiots

I'm getting really ticked off with my Broadband service provider...mainly because they haven't as yet provided me with my Broadband modem.

Placed the order 4 weeks ago. 2 weeks ago I got a text to say the connection was active. 2 weeks later, I'm still waiting to get the modem.
I phoned them a week ago and was told "ooops, looks like the modem wasn't despatched, but don't worry we'll place the request and SDS will deliver it the next day"
So the next working day, still no sign of the modem and I phone them again, only to be told "Oh no, it'll take *three* working days"

Three working days later and the excuse for lack of a modem is "oh dear, your name was missed off the list" (apparently it's all computer activated these days. as soon as the order is placed and gets to a certain stage in the process, an automatic request is made for the modem to be despatched, but apparently there was a 'glitch' in the system which is why my modem wasn't requested. As for why my name was missed off the list, guess that's just sheer incompetence)

Anyway, today I'm told that the despatch order has definitely gone to the courier and they'll definitely deliver the modem to SDS who will defintely deliver it to me. (silly me, should have told them to get the courier to deliver it directly to me and cut out the middle man)
(i'm beginning to think that their defnitition of 'definitely' isn't the same as mine...although I can tell you that if they start charging me for the Broadband service before my modem arrives, there is *definitely* going to be one seriously pissed off Ceindreadh on the phone to them)

And to think that I went with this particular Broadband provider because I already had an account with them and figured it would cause less confusion to stick with them rather than trying to transfer to another one. Guess I should have learned my lesson from a few years back when I moved house, filled in the change of address form, they misread the new phone number and activated my account under the wrong number, and then when I finally got them to set it to the new number, they billed me for both numbers for 4 months and it took another 4 months to sort it out. And of course there was no chance of them writing me a cheque to cover the extra money they'd charged and taken from my bank account. Oh no, that wouldn't do at all at all.

(sighs) I really really *really* hate that company.

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