October 4th, 2009

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Computer troubles suck

Okay, I suppose I should be greatful that I haven't had major issues with this machine in almost 3 years. But it still sucks when something goes wrong.
This time it's (possibly) a loose connection somewhere. Basically, half the screen is...not working properly. It's like somebody took the colours and striped them down the screen, only it keeps flickering on and off and being bloody annoying.

(okay, at least I can still see half of the screen, enough to get *some* stuff done)

Good news is that I forked out extra to get access to tech support. And they'll pick it up and fix it. Bad news is that they can't collect it until Wednesday, and since it'll have to be shipped to the UK, i'm looking at probably at least a week to 10 days without it.
(I think i'm having withdrawal symptoms already, whimper)

Tech support *did* say if I bring it back to the shop, they'll be able to open it up and if it *is* just a loose wire they should be able to fix it there, but anything else and it'll still have to be shipped off (sighs).

Ah well, I was considering getting a new machine anyway and keeping this one for backup. Guess it might be happening sooner than planned.

Fingers crossed though, I might be able to borrow one of the work machines for a few weeks. So long as nobody needs it for actual like, 'work'!