May 1st, 2008

Hold me

Posting while drunk probably not the most adviseable thing to do - but as with many other things I've done while drunk - cartwheels, changing the colour of 'smart' traffic signals - it seems like a good idea at the time.

And technically I'm probably not drunk, although I certainly wouldn't go anywhere near my car keys any time soon.
All I had was
1 - bacardi breezer
1 - chocolate martini
1 - glass of wine - can't remember what it was, must ask bosses in the morning.

But then I did wash the alcohol down with a lot of food, so I'm probably not so much drunk as seriously bloated from an excess of food and it's likely the overeating rather than overdrinking that's making me feel so bleuch at the moment.

See, tonight was a night out with me and my 2 bosses, in honour of me having worked for them for 10 years. Okay, by now it's actually 10 years and 5 months because they didn't get around to booking the meal until now, but who's counting.
And I haven't had a full posh meal in a restaurant since Christmas, and I've been working the Unislim program which means I haven't really overeaten since November (43 pounds down and still going, but tonight will probably send me up a few - I knew there was a reason I insisted it be a Thursday so I'd have time to work it off before the Wednesday weigh in)

Anyway, it was a good, scratch that, it was a great meal. (Shanahans on the green, if anybody's interested. Expensive, but soooo worth it!)

Bosses were going to put me in a taxi afterwards, but given my usual propensity for travel sickness - which seems to have gotten worse since I started driving regularly, maybe because I'm less accustomed to being a passenger - I said I'd walk home (only 25 mins or so from the restaurant). Only 10pm, I figured I'd be okay. Bosses were having none of it, so they said they'd walk me home and then get a taxi back to the pub to finish their drinking. Halfway there one boss said he'd go straight to the pub (lazy!), but other boss saw me safely to my door.

A good night was had by all. The morning might be another story (hic!)