January 19th, 2005

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We got a place!
Deposit was paid today, we're signing the lease on Friday!
It's a *beautiful* aparment.
3 floor of a 7 story complex, rooftop garden, secure parking, security guard on duty at night.
It's just perfect!

Of course next comes the fun part of moving all my junk into it. Hopefully my brother will be able to borrow a van, but he won't know until Friday whether he can or not. If not then I'll just have to make a *lot* of journeys to and fro
But it'll be sooooo worth it to get into a really *nice* place.

And then of course I'll have to get somebody to move into my room here. Well not exactly my room, the girl in the room next door has said she'll move in to my room and help me find somebody to move into hers. So if anybody in Dublin knows somebody that's looking for a room in a nice house, good location, only 450euro per month, then let me know!
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