January 3rd, 2005

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We're back to a full house in my place, at least for a little while. My two other housemates are back from their holiday and at least one of them is considering moving out - although not until mid February as she has a friend possibly moving to Dublin who she might be moving in with.

I seem to have had nothing but the prospect of moving on my mind for the last few days. And I'm sort of nervous that after having spent so much time thinking about it and making plans, that something will happen to change them all. - and yes, my main worry is that my friend will get back to the city next week and announce that she's changed her mind. Unlikely I know, but having made a decision about moving and psyched myself up for it, I just want to get moving and actually start actively looking for a place and it's a bit frustrating having to wait for a week before I can do anything.
(although I know I'm usually the person who likes to think things through for ages before doing them, but occasionally I just make a decision and want to get things over with as quickly as possible)
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