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Okay, I know one of my new years resolutions was to keep my livejournal updated a bit more frequently than before, but I'm going to have a good excuse for not keeping it over the next week or two.

Moving date is set for this weekend and since I don't know what the state of the phone line is, I may be without internet access until we get it sorted.
There *is* a phone line installed, but I'm assuming that it would have been disconnected once the previous tennants moved out. Then again, I've never been in this position of taking on a lease like this, so I don't know what usually happens (when I moved into my current place, it was shared accomodation and the house was never totally vacated)
Hopefully the phone line is still connected and we'll just have to change the name on the bill, but if not then fingers crossed it won't take *too* long to get sorted.

The letting agents should be able to fill us in on all the stuff like that.
We'll have to get NTL up and running as well - same situation, there's a cable point in place but no idea whether it's been disconnected or not. Sky are starting season 4 of 24 on January 30th, so we'll have to have it installed by then!

So after all the fun of moving my bits and pieces, I'm going to have to try and find somebody guillible...er, I mean smart enough to want to move in here.
Ah well, I'm already paid up till the end of January, so that gives me 10 days to find a replacement.

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