ceindreadh (ceindreadh) wrote,

So I'm still looking for an apartment to share. Or should I say, my friend has been doing most of the actual looking stuff up on daft because she's got internet access at work and I don't. So she emails me links to the good stuff and I tell her which ones I'd be interested in.

My main contribution to the process so far was to ask my boss to phone a friend of his who's into property lettings. He had one suitable one on his books that we're going to view tonight.
It sounds nice, rent is reasonable and it has a secure parking space.
The only thing I wouldn't be entirely sure about is the location, but I've been told that it's in an up and coming area and at least we'll be able to see how safe it looks at night.

Anyway, while I *do* want to get a place, I'm half hoping it will be perfect so we can take it and stop looking and I'm half afraid that it *will* be perfect and then we'll take it and I'll have all the hassle of packing up my bits and pieces (and boy there's a heck of a lot of *those*!)
Even had a dream last night that we went to the place but the guy waiting for us wasn't the right guy.

Anyway, I know my period is due, so that's probably what's making me so on edge at the moment, so I just have to keep focusing on the positive, like how I'll (hopefully) soon have a nice sized room with space for all my stuff and I won't keep knocking over piles of things every time I turn round!

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