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Sometimes I really hate banks.
Phoned up my local branch today to see could they supply me with a reference for if/when I need one for signing a lease. And the person on the phone was all "duh, we don't have a standard layout for that type of letter so we don't know what to write so you'd better get back to us when you find out what you need"

Okay, I know the branch is a bit far from the big city, but I can't be the only account holder there to need bank references for renting.
All is not lost though as not only did I get a copy of a letter issued by another branch of the same bank, but my Dad gave me the name of the assistant manager who he'd be dealing with and suggested I ask for him the next time I phone.

And on the same note of hating banks, I phoned them up to see about increasing my overdraft by a bit and they said no problem, and not only had I got the limit I asked for but I was pre-approved for another few hundred euro, and oh yes, I was also pre-approved for a five year loan of up to 12K if I wanted to say buy a new car or something like that.
Honestly, are they *trying* to get me in as much debt as possible? And of course if I *did* ask for the loan to say, pay off my credit card, think I'd get it? Yeah right!

In other news it was back to work as usual today (bleh)
Got our assignments from the office manager, but the good news is that she's out on audit work for the rest of the month, yay!

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