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So I'm at my friends house and we're watching DVD's (CSI season 2 for those detail obsessed people) and my Dad phones me on the mobile.  And I answer it, and the first thing he says to me is "So you're not dead then"  And while I know that I and my family do some weird things, trust me when I say that is not our usual method of greeting one another. 

Turns out that he'd just seen on the news that there'd been a bus crash in Dublin City Centre - 5 dead and about 17 injured at last count - and he naturally wanted to check that I wasn't among them.  As it happened however, I was actually only about a few hundred yards away and saw the Gardai directing traffic away from the area only a few minutes later.  What's freaky is that I took a different route away from the shops than I usually do and got my bus from the Quays, instead of crossing the river on the Halfpenny Bridge and getting one farther along the route.  While I still wouldn't have been on the scene of the accident, it's still a little unnerving to know that I could have been so close to it.


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