ceindreadh (ceindreadh) wrote,

So I'm out on an audit this week (good)
and we get our meals out and will get reimbursed for them (good)
and we didn't exactly do a lot of work in the afternoon because we were so full (not as good)
and we were working away on a laptop that we were after hiring for the duration of the audit because the office one is in use somewhere else
and as is our custom, we copied the spreadsheets we were working on from the office computer to a floppy and then saved them to the harddrive of the laptop. And we worked away busily at them for several hours, and it came to quitting time.
And as is also our custom we backed up the spreadsheets onto the floppy so as to take home with us for added security...at least that's what we thought we were going to do. Turns out that the floppy drive is 'write-protected', and by the time we realized this it was too late to contact the people who'd hired out the laptop in the first place.
So we were *not* amused.
Granted the work is still safe on the laptop, but we've no way of transferring it back to the office network.

Now maybe the good people at the computer hire place thought that since I didn't specify a working floppy drive that I didn't need it, but come on, there are some things that you just shouldn't have to spell out.

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