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Remember how a few months ago I was ranting and raving about one of the guys having moved out and leaving us to find a new tenant? Well we still haven't found a replacement, and tonight I find out that one of the other guys is buying a house and will be moving out soon as well.

We've been having no luck with getting in a new person. Can't say I blame them too much, the rent isn't overly cheap, and it's a box room as well. On the plus side it's within walking distance of town and there's parking as well.

Anyway, what Sean (the guy who isn't buying the house) and I are planning on doing, is finding a two-bedroomed place for us, and then either seeing if we can rent out the entire house - and thus get back our deposits - or else just telling the letting agency "so long" and forgoing the deposit.

It sucks big time, not just the whole thing of being given so little notice by the guy moving out, but also the prospect of having to move all my junk if we do find somewhere.
One of the advantages of moving back home for the summer every year when I was in college, was that it stopped me accumulating too much stuff. But I've been in this place for over 4 years now, and it's pretty full. Still, moving will give me a chance to get rid of things I don't need, and anywhere I get will surely be better laid out than my current room.

So if anybody knows of a two-bedroomed apartment within walking distance of Grafton Street, with parking for one car, and not *too* expensive, then maybe you could drop me a line.

Sean and I spent almost an hour on www.daft.ie searching for places, so fingers crossed one of the ads will prove fruitful.

(sighs) I hate moving. I hate major changes. Once I get myself into a nice settled routine, I really don't want to have to move, but it *is* for the best...really. (sighs)

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