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It's 8am...I didn't get home until after 3am after the Office Christmas night out...the bosses set up a tab at our table so we could order what we wanted when we wanted...the turkey was so tasty that I had lots of it...

Oh boy...I'm not hungover, I swear... The only reason I'm feeling less than my usual sparkling self at this hour is because of lack of sleep...and maybe over eating...but not over drinking, honest!

And the only reason I'm up at this unearthly hour is because we were told not to take the piss this morning and make them regret having office nights out, so they've managed to guilt us...well me anyway, into endeavouring to make it into the office at a reasonable hour, ie before 10.30am.

Well I'll be there in body, not so sure about mind. Still, a nice hot latte or mocha or maybe a cold frappe should help get the old brain cells moving!

And tonight I will be having an early night...really...honestly, even though it's Friday...
the reason being that I'm going to see Return of the King tomorrow and it's at 11am, but it's an open cinema so even though we've got tickets booked, we're still planning on being there by 10am to get a good place in the queue, and I'd rather NOT be too tired to appreciate it!

And finally, I can't finish this post without adding a large hug and a thank you to Pocacat for the lovely diamante choker thingy that she sent me, which was complimented on by several of my colleagues. Thanks hon!

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