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It's funny how a mood can be changed in the space of just a few minutes...

Today I was in a fairly good mood which was dramatically improved by the arrival of an early Christmas present from Pocacat. And I was all delighted and decided that I didn't want to wait a week to open it, so I started taking off the ribbon tieing it shut.

And then I had to take a call from a client...well not the client itself, but the guy in charge of the accounts of the organization, and he was asking me to explain why I'd gone and made certain adjustments to HIS accounts and was I sure I was right. And this was an audit that I'd only started because we were short handed and then I'd passed it on to a colleague to finish, and while I'd been working out on the audit I'd tried to explain the situation to him but he was being a pain and didn't seem to understand. Plus he was annoyed because he'd wanted the accounts earlier, but it wasn't my problem, and understanding as my bosses are, they probably wouldn't take too kindly to me telling a client where to go...although with this one...considering that one boss had me call the guy yesterday because he didn't want to speak to him, who knows.

Anyway, that was annoying enough, but then I get a phone call from the letting agency which oversees the housing complex I'm living in. And first I think/hope that it's because they've found somebody to move in. Only the reason they're ringing is because the lease on our place wasn't sent back to them. And the reason it wasn't sent back is that one of the guys refused to sign it until he got a key to lock his bedroom door. Fair enough...except he didn't bother contacting the maintenance guy for a month or two, and then didn't bother signing the lease even when he had gotten the key. And of course now he's fecked off out of the country for Christmas, so tomorrow I have to phone the letting agency and explain to them why the lease wasn't returned...and also mention to them that we've only got 3 people to sign it anyway, because number 4 - who moved out at the beginning of December - never signed it.
And I'm just fed up of being the one in charge and pissed off at the guys in the house because I end up taking responsibility for things like dealing with the letting agency and making sure that bills are paid, and it's not bloody fair. And the only reason I'm doing it is because if I don't then nobody else will.


Anyway, those calls came in the space of about 10 minutes, and after that I was in such a bad humor that I didn't want to spoil pocacat's present by opening it then. So I guess I'll wait until Christmas day...and try to forget what I read on the customs office docket :-D

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