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Well today we had a visit from our friendly TV licence inspector. Although when I say 'we', I mean he was going round the entire housing complex and happened to be knocking on the neighbours door when I came back from the supermarket.
But he said he didn't need to be knocking on my door, presumably because my licence won't expire until December 31st.

I'm still trying to locate someone to take the vacant room in the house and getting more and more pissed off by the minute. The ad has been in for 6 evenings so far, and I've only had a handful of calls about it. The annoying thing about it has been the number of people who've phoned to say they want to see it and then don't turn up...okay, so there were only 2 of them, and I think that one of them was the guy who'd looked at it on Monday and said he'd need until Wednesday to decide. Methinks he saw the ad the second night it was in and didn't realize until he'd gotten the address from me and was then too embarrassed to say he'd already been.
So there were 2 guys ready to take the room but wanting to wait until Wed to decide and then neither of them phoned me. Grrr.

So I've decided to heck with it all. I'll put another ad in in January and we'll just have to split the extra rent between us, and if the guys in the house aren't happy about that, then tough, they can be the ones to put the ad in and give up their evenings to wait at home in case somebody calls.
I'll still keep checking daft.ie and if anybody hears of someone looking for a place (only 475euro pm, ample parking, close to city centre) then pass them on to me!

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