ceindreadh (ceindreadh) wrote,

I'm usually very happy with my local Credit Union. They lend me money whenever I need it, they allow me to reduce the amount of my repayments if I'm stuck for cash, they don't have any penalties for early repayments of loans.
This weekend I wasn't so happy with them.

I went to increase my loan so as to pay off some of my dental bills. No problem. The papers were being printed out, my signature was going in the right place...and then I asked them could they give it to me in a cheque rather than cash. "oh no, you should have asked for that *before* I printed all the forms" said the idiot behind the counter.
Okay, fair enough, this was something she needed to know earlier rather than later, and yes, I have taken out loans there before and should have remembered this, but hello? Most people would have the common sense to *ask* a customer would they like a cheque or would they prefer to walk around with 1000 euro in cash.
If I hadn't been suffering from laryngitis, I would have told her "Fine...I'll just lodge the cash back into the loan and then take it out again"
but it was taking too long even to explain to her what I wanted the loan for, so I just took the money and ran.
Oh and they didn't even have any 50's so I was stuck with 50 x 20euro notes. grrrrr

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