ceindreadh (ceindreadh) wrote,

The Friday Five — 21st May 2021


The Friday Five for 21st May 2021

1. What are you going to do this weekend?

Go shopping, now that non-essential retail has opened up. (although IMO, bookshops should always have been considered essential)
Wait for the FlashFaceOff prompt and (hopefully!) get a story idea for it
Get another chapter written of my WIP.

2. What’s your favorite way to spend time?

Watching TV and writing fanfic.

3. What’s the most useless thing you own that you would never get rid of?

A teddy-bear that I've owned since I was a baby. If I ever have to evacuate in a hurry, it'll be the first thing into my backpack.

4. Have you started planning your next vacation?

Not really. I don't tend to travel much, so my next 'vacation' will likely/hopefully be a trip to see my Dad.

5. Are you very active, or do you prefer to just relax in your free time or is it one and the same to you?

I have a very active imagination if that counts!
But yeah, I do prefer to relax.

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