ceindreadh (ceindreadh) wrote,

The Friday Five for 09 April 2021


1) Do you like to drive?

Yes, I've always enjoyed driving. Especially when you get on to the motorway and can just put your foot down...within the speed limit, of course!

2) Do you own (or have regular use of) a car? What kind is it?

Unfortunately I don't have a car of my own anymore. I used to have a FIAT Punto which I had for about 13 years until it got damaged in a break in, and the insurance company deemed it not worth enough to repair.

3) What is your favorite optional feature on a car?
Hard to know, as the Punto didn't really have a lot of extra features - the most high tech thing was the tape deck...yeah, it was an old car!

4) How much does gasoline currently cost where you live?

No idea, it's been years since I had to pay attention to it.

5) What is the longest car trip you have taken?

The longest one I was a passenger in, was I think about 250km/150 miles, up to Donegal for a family holiday. And I suffered from car sickness, so it felt a hell of a lot longer!

Longest as a driver would have been 160km/100 miles, from my Dad's house to my sister's place (or the other way round), which I did several times, usually bringing the sister and her family to visit Dad.

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