ceindreadh (ceindreadh) wrote,

grrrrr....sometimes I really really hate sharing a house with other people. The household bills (eircom/ESB/NTL) have been stuck up on the noticeboard for 6 to 8 weeks now and *finally* some of those b******s have gotten their chequebooks out and paid their share. I mean, how bloody difficult is it to remember that when the bill arrives you have to pay it. It's not even as if they have to stretch their tiny little minds trying to divide by four, because I do it for them and write the amount on the bill. But no, they just have to let it go until we start getting reminders and letters threatening disconnection.
And then when I go on at them about it, I'm made feel as if I'm overreacting.

Oh yeah, and I wonder who will take it upon themselves to ensure that the payments reach their destinations...well I know that they'll be still here in a month if *I* don't take them.

I just pity the poor shmucks whose names are actually *on* the bills. Oh well, if they're dumb enough to not insist on their names being taken off when they move out, then they deserve the crappy credit rating that they're getting as a result.

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