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I've been watching The Big Allotment Challenge the last few weeks and decided to start growing a few veggies again this year.
Last year I was so busy the first part of the year, spent 2 weeks working away from home in February and just never got around to starting anything.

I do have a good selection of house plants that I added to last year - although I do feel a bit like a serial killer picking out their next victim whenever I start buying plants!

Anyway, today I sowed garlic chives, alpine strawberries, peppers, sunflowers and a venus flytrap. I also sowed some half dried up bulbs that I found hiding in an empty flower pot. Think they could be daffodils, but I'll see when or rather *if* they come up!
And I potted up some geranium cuttings from a plant that Dad gave me a year or so back (that amazingly survived!)

I've a few more things to sow - did some tidying and found a bunch of seeds that I'd bought last year and hadn't used. Hopefully something will come up!
Tags: garden

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