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  • Wed, 12:45: RT @Pascallisch: Proper labeling of axes is absolutely crucial. http://t.co/rngFg9PAXK
  • Thu, 00:06: RT @MichaelHurstNow: Comedy short film INORGANIC accepted for Galway Film Fleadh. To be shown 11 July. Michael plays Brett. @FilmFleadh htt…
  • Thu, 00:11: RT @GaryDelaney: The furniture says 'some assembly required' but I've been singing 'Kumbaya' for half an hour now and nothing's happened.
  • Thu, 06:48: RT @PamAyres: Now play the intimate music, Turn off the cold glaring light Lay your sweet head on my shoulder And feel free to take out a b…
  • Thu, 07:21: RT @davidfarrier: "if you were truly sorry, you wouldn't have done it in the first place" mrs denny, 4th form art teacher. ✌️✌️✌️
  • Thu, 07:39: RT @DuckHumor: If a guy has a foot fetish and cheats on his wife, does that mean he got off on the wrong foot?
  • Thu, 07:50: RT @Pundamentalism: The thing about Suarez is that his bark's worse than his bi... AGH! SHIT! GET HIM OFF ME!!!
  • Thu, 07:50: RT @cracked: The pony-loving hooligan kids of Dublin, Ireland. 5 Real Subcultures Way Crazier Than Anything from Japan - http://t.co/0c1sll
  • Thu, 07:56: RT @thedebbiemcgee: Did you hear about the bike that went round and round biting people? It was known as the vicious circle
  • Thu, 10:35: RT @IAmTomorrow: I just saw an old lady with a walker in NYC wearing a shirt that says "Putin is my sex slave." I just couldn't ask for a p…
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