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I've been watching The Big Allotment Challenge the last few weeks and decided to start growing a few veggies again this year.
Last year I was so busy the first part of the year, spent 2 weeks working away from home in February and just never got around to starting anything.

I do have a good selection of house plants that I added to last year - although I do feel a bit like a serial killer picking out their next victim whenever I start buying plants!

Anyway, today I sowed garlic chives, alpine strawberries, peppers, sunflowers and a venus flytrap. I also sowed some half dried up bulbs that I found hiding in an empty flower pot. Think they could be daffodils, but I'll see when or rather *if* they come up!
And I potted up some geranium cuttings from a plant that Dad gave me a year or so back (that amazingly survived!)

I've a few more things to sow - did some tidying and found a bunch of seeds that I'd bought last year and hadn't used. Hopefully something will come up!
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My car

So, I am officially car-less right now, thanks to some bastard who broke into it at the weekend.

Bad enough that the driver's window was smashed, but the steering column was also wrecked, so much so that the tow-truck guy had to hot-wire the engine so he could nurse it out of the car park to his truck (which was too big to get into the car park)

And the insurance company engineer has declared it a write-off (although given that it's a 96 reg, I wasn't all that surprised).

I am unreasonably upset by all this. Not just the loss of a car, but the loss of that car. You see, that car used to belong to my parents. I passed my driving test on it, and while it's not the only car I've driven, it's certainly the one I've driven the most. But not only that, it was really my late mother's car. She put more miles on it in the 3 years before her death than I've put on it in the 13 years since. And I guess a part of me feels like it's one less link I have to her now.

Which is possibly why I've been feeling a bit raw inside since I found out what had happened.

(kudos to the local guards who had officers round about 40 mins after I'd phoned it in. Credit also to my neighbour who alerted me, as I wouldn't have been anywhere near the car for another week otherwise)
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Family likeness

One of the biggest downsides of bearing a strong resemblance to my late mother...

I'm getting to the age she was when I hit my teens - the age I have strong visual memories of her. And every now and then I catch myself in the mirror and basically think that I'm seeing a ghost*. That's one of the reasons I keep going for stronger hair colours than our shared natural mousey brown.

(I'll also never go blonde again because that was the colour of the wig she was wearing before she passed away)

*I am still convinced that I felt her presence in her car, the first time I drove it long distance a few months after she'd died. I was heading to wyvernfriend's wedding that Easter, the drive was a few hours long and I kept getting the scent of the funeral flowers. I now own that car and I no longer feel that presence. Just as well, because when she was driving was pretty much the only I ever used to hear her swear!
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